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What to Do for a Dog with A Broken Leg

In this blog: How to Tell If a Dog Has a Broken Leg Types of Broken Bones in Dogs Causes of Broken Legs in Dogs What to Do If You Think Your Dog Has a Broken Leg Transporting Your Injured Dog Treatment for Dogs With Broken Legs

Best Dog Food for Puppies

Ask the Vet: Best Dog Food for Puppies Dr. Charles Livaudais, DVM  As you might imagine, we get a lot of questions here at Harmony Animal Hospital regarding the feeding of dogs and cats, and specifically the feeding of puppies. I thought I would take this opportunity to go through some of

What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

Just like us, dogs enjoy snacking on some fruits! Most berries and drupes (fruits with a pit) are generally safe for dogs, however, there are some fruits that are NOT safe for your dog to consume.  Here are a few essential things every responsible dog owner should consider before feeding any kind of fruit

How to Tell If My Dog Has Allergies

Can dogs have allergies? The answer is yes. Like humans, allergies can be a problem and cause quite a bit of discomfort for dogs. Since dogs can't say what's wrong, it's up to pet parents to look for the signs of allergies. So just how can you tell if your dog has allergies?

Can Cats Have Allergies?

Our cats may seem invincible (or at least they want us to think so), but they can often suffer from the nuisance of allergies. Allergies in cats are more common than you may think. It is essential to understand which allergies can affect your cat so you can be on the lookout and keep