Your Other Family Doctor Brings You

for Every Stage of Your Cat’s Life

Life stages in kittens and cats are not easily defined as their different body systems can age at different rates depending on their breed. Even within the same breed, cats might mature differently. That said, general life stage guidelines are useful for focusing attention on the usual physical and behavioral changes that tend to occur during the different life stages.  

Here at Harmony Animal Hospital, we divide the life stages of our feline patients into the following 4 stages.  We love them all and look forward to going through them with you and your furry companion.

Young kitten who wants to play.


Birth – 1 year

Your kitten deserves the best start and we’re here to help. From nutrition to litter training, discover everything you need to know about caring for your kitten.

Healthy adult cat ready for action.


1 year – 10 years

Cats keep growing for the first two years of their life. To keep your cat happy and healthy you’ll need a pet care and wellness plan tailored to their breed and lifestyle.

Senior cat taking it easy.


10 – 15 years

As your cat enters their golden years, you’ll notice changes in their behavior and nutritional needs that will take planning, coordination, and understanding.

Old cat resting.


15+ years

Cats in the geriatric stage of life experience behavioral, physical, and psycho-social changes. A well-coordinated pet care plan can help you keep up with these changes.