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From simple shampoos to full service spa days, you can rest assured that our experienced groomers will pamper your pet and provide the best grooming service in Apex, NC. We pride ourselves on a fear free environment for you and your pet. Our Pet Resort & Spa has a separate entrance from the hospital for your convenience.

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Black dog getting a bath at the Harmony Pet Resort & Spa.

Dog & Cat Grooming

Keeping your pet clean is part of keeping him healthy. Baths can not only keep their coat looking good, but they can also help with a number of skin conditions. While it’s perfectly fine to bathe your pet at home, sometimes the help of a professional is needed.

Pet Nail Trimming

Pet Nail Trimming & Dremeling

Pet nail trimming should be part of your regular grooming and care. Ideally, you should start clipping dogs claws or cats claws when they are still a puppy or kitten, so they get used to the sensation and are more likely going to be cooperative through the process.

To reserve your grooming appointment, your pet will need to have an exam by a Harmony vet, or be an current client with an exam within the past year.

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