Records Request

Dear Harmony Animal Hospital Clients and Record-Requesting Veterinary Colleagues,

We are more than happy to fulfill your records request (at no cost) by sending them electronically to wherever you instruct us to, by either e-mail or e-fax.  Please provide the information below so that we may be as prompt as we can in preparing the records for you.  Please allow us 5-7 calendar days to fulfill your request as it will take that much time to ensure the records are reviewed by our doctors, properly organized for transmission, and properly sent via your instructions.

As in most matters in life, the more time we have to send the records, the better.  However, we realize that life sometimes has other plans, and you may request that records be sent sooner.  We are happy to make that happen but do need to reserve those extraordinary efforts for true emergencies and valid urgency, and are grateful in advance for your understanding of that policy.  In those rare cases, we can commit to sending vaccine history within a few hours.  However, sending the entire medical history may take the full amount of time depending on varying factors.

In any event, please enter the information requested below, and we will process your request just as soon as possible.  We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and remain available to be of any further assistance.

Fill out my online form.