Your Other Family Doctor Brings You

for Every Stage of Your Dog’s Life

We find it helpful to understand our dogs through their life stages. Your dog’s breed and their experience influence how they are doing and what we need to be watching for. Schedule a wellness visit with us today, and we’ll help prepare a plan for their care based on their stage in life, and if your pet is a rescue, we can  help you determine their approximate age.

Young puppy.


Birth – 1 year

Keeping up with your puppy starts with understanding your puppy’s breed. Every puppy is different and requires a personalized pet care plan that includes everything from behavioral training to nutrition.

Young adult dog.


1  – 7 years

Adult dogs experience many physical changes as they develop into adults, such as growing a dense fur coat and losing all their baby teeth. To help your dog transition into adulthood, you’ll need a pet care plan tailored to their lifestyle.

Older golden retriever.


7 – 12 years

Diet and physical activity are two of the most common behavioral changes to expect when your dog matures into a senior. A coordinated pet wellness plan can help you manage their health effectively throughout these changes.

Very old golden retriever.


12+  years

Keeping up with your dog’s health as they enter their geriatric years takes coordination, accommodation, and understanding. Through a wellness and nutrition plan, you can help your pet maintain mobility and a positive quality of life.