Hospital Services

We are committed to providing you and your pet with the highest quality Western and Eastern integrated medicine, therapies, dentistry and surgery in a friendly and welcoming environment. You will find a modern facility with up-to-date technology, separate exam rooms for cats and dogs and so much more. Our experienced staff believes in and is trained to deliver the Harmony Promise.

Prevention care for pets

Preventive & Wellness

You can trust Harmony Animal Hospital with all of your dog and cat healthcare needs. Find out what we can do for your special pets.

Care team examining a beagle.

Diagnostics & Treatment

Our team members go through a rigorous process to join the Harmony family.  And once on the team, continuous training is part of our culture.


Medication &

We strive to keep your animals happy and healthy without the use of medications.  But, when presceiption medicine is necessary we offer convenient ways for you to obtain your pet’s medicine.

Pet X-Rays


If you have an emergency during normal office hours, call ahead if you can, so we may prepare for your pet. (919) 303-3456 Then proceed directly to our clinic.

Vet examining a dog's teeth.


It’s not so easy to brush your pet’s teeth. Many of our patient’s owners laugh as they tell us how they’ve tried. A few succeed when they start young. For most people, the simplest practice is regular annual dental exams and cleanings.

Pet Nutrition


Nutrition is an integral part of your pet’s health.  A healthy diet leads to longevity and vitality.  We can help customize your pet’s diet to suit his or her particular needs.

Underwater Treadmill for Rehabilitative Pet Therapy

Rehabilitative Therapy

Our years of experience and new, state-of-the-art technology can help your pet recover from an injury.  We utilize many different therapies to help your pet heal, as quickly as possible, from any type of trauma.

pet insurance


At Harmony Animal Hospital, we understand that every patient’s circumstances are unique. In most cases, however, pets benefit directly from pet parents taking out insurance to cover veterinary bills.