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What to Do for a Dog with A Broken Leg

In this blog: How to Tell If a Dog Has a Broken Leg Types of Broken Bones in Dogs Causes of Broken Legs in Dogs What to Do If You Think Your Dog Has a Broken Leg Transporting Your Injured Dog Treatment for Dogs With Broken Legs

What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

Just like us, dogs enjoy snacking on some fruits! Most berries and drupes (fruits with a pit) are generally safe for dogs, however, there are some fruits that are NOT safe for your dog to consume.  Here are a few essential things every responsible dog owner should consider before feeding any kind of fruit

5 Top Summer Pet Safety Tips

Summer months can be dangerous for pets, especially if they are left outside without water and shade or travel in the car with you. With the warmer weather comes some unexpected dangers, so it’s a good idea to have your vet on speed dial. From overheating on too long of a walk or run,

Keeping Dogs and Cats Safe From Snakes

Dogs and snakes aren't always a good combo. The warmer temperatures in spring and summer bring out more people, their pets, and snakes. More than 30 different species of snakes live in North Carolina. Most live in wooded areas, but they can also be present in your own backyard. Many of them are harmless,

Protect Your Pets at Halloween with These Handy Tips

Halloween is not always fun for the entire family, especially your furry family members. Take extra precautions to keep your fur babies safe this year as you might find that danger lurks in the shadows in more ways than one on October 31st. So how exactly do you keep your pet out of harm’s way

The Dangers of Tapeworms and Parasites

Many pet parents believe their dogs are safer from worms and parasites when the weather is cooler outside. The truth is that these hazards exist year-round, especially in mild, humid climates like central North Carolina. Some of these parasites and worms can even threaten your human loved ones.  Luckily, most parasite dangers can be avoided

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