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How to Tell If My Dog Has Allergies

Can dogs have allergies? The answer is yes. Like humans, allergies can be a problem and cause quite a bit of discomfort for dogs. Since dogs can't say what's wrong, it's up to pet parents to look for the signs of allergies. So just how can you tell if your dog has allergies?

Can Cats Have Allergies?

Our cats may seem invincible (or at least they want us to think so), but they can often suffer from the nuisance of allergies. Allergies in cats are more common than you may think. It is essential to understand which allergies can affect your cat so you can be on the lookout and keep

Can Dogs Have Allergies?

Allergies! They’re one of the most frustrating things about being human. Sometimes it feels like just one tiny fleck of pollen can ruin a day. But we’re not the only ones who suffer! Our dogs can have allergies too! Take Luna and her sister Stella, for example. Every spring and summer, Luna’s allergies flare

Understanding Seasonal Allergies in Dogs and Cats

It’s that time of year where we start seeing pets with allergic reactions When most people hear the term “pet allergy,” they immediately think of humans who are allergic to pet dander. But pets can also develop allergies to many different things.  Most domesticated animals can actually be allergic to many human foods. More

How to Deal with Pet Allergies in the Fall 

Have you ever suffered from a seasonal allergy? Fall weather is notoriously unpredictable and your furry family members are just as likely to suffer from fall allergies as you are. Though there is no pollen explosion during fall, pets have to contend with cooler temperatures, wind, falling leaves, and mold that can cause skin

Allergies in Dogs and Cats

There is nothing more frustrating than any itchy pet! Persistent chewing and scratching can result in open sores, hair loss, and sleepless nights! What Are Allergies? An allergy is a state of hypersensitivity in which exposure to a harmless substance elicits an overreaction from the body’s immune system. The incidence of allergies is increasing

What are Seasonal Pet Allergies in Dogs and Cats?

By Jodi Reed, DVM It's that time of year again when spring flowers start poking up through the still-cold ground, first buds on trees start blooming, and seasonal pet allergies start kicking in. But while their humans get stuffy noses, watery eyes, and achy heads, our pets experience a different type of reaction to

Spring Dangers for Pets

The dangers for pets in the winter are probably well known: cold, ice, damage to the paws from walking on salty sidewalks… However, many pet owners don’t realize that spring brings along other dangers — and that just because they’re different doesn’t mean they’re any less serious. Spring is closer than you think! March brings

February 28th, 2014|Dangers for Pets,