I moved back to the area when my lil Dog was getting close to her first birthday. So, she needed a one-year exam and follow up vaccines. These vets and techs are SO NICE and attentive!  Of course it helps having the most adorable dog on the planet… at least the most adorable Yorkie on the planet! They are gentle and thorough with her, making sure she is properly cared for and that I have all of the follow up I need. They even called to ask how she was doing after seeing her for her double ear infection. They certainly do need a new space because they are so cramped in their current location. But their new building looks amazing and we can’t wait for our first visit over there. If you need a great, thorough, and attentive team to take care of your pet, these are the people you should see.

Kate T.

The staff is exceptionally friendly to humans and their pets. I’ve always received wonderful service.

Jamie P.

I had to bring my chihuahua in for an emergency visit a couple of days ago. Dr. Eve was so kind + patient with Archie (who is very leery of new people and hates the vet!) She instantly eased my anxiety and I had no question that Archie was in good hands. This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a vets office. Dr. Eve and the rest of the staff were so welcoming and polite, and they addressed all of our needs perfectly. Thank you all!! I am so happy I found you!

Melissa P.

An extraordinary vet practice. We were seeing another vet for our first dog and were perfectly happy there. When we adopted our second dog, Lucy, she had already been seen by Harmony, and we had planned to transition her to our vet, but after one appointment at Harmony, we decided not only to keep her there but now also plan to switch our other dog over to Harmony as well! They have been wonderful – every single person has been exceedingly kind, helpful, and professional. They have worked with us as we have tried to get through Lucy’s separation anxiety, her surprise heat and subsequent spay, and a freak accident with her tail. With every interaction, they have made it clear that they genuinely care about Lucy and her health and well-being. I know she couldn’t be in better hands, and I know we are lucky to have Harmony and its fantastic staff.

Jordan C.

If I could give Harmony 10 stars I would. These people were AWESOME! Awesome, from the front desk to Dr. Kevin. Took great care of my little scary cat. Explained everything & answered all our questions, even answering questions we didn’t know to ask. Explained the cost of each service/treatment. AND they gave us a notebook to keep all of Sahara’s records in. It also had a list of emergency clinics, local pet sitters, boarding facilities that they knew were good to work with, information about flea meds, & the list goes on. Harmony was very clean & didn’t have that smell so many animal clinics have. I recommend Harmony Animal Hospital to anyone who wants top notch care of their precious fur babies. Again, if I could give 10 stars I would.

Candy R.

This office exceeded our expectations every step of the process. From Melanie at the front desk, to Ashley and Liz ( more than technicians), to Drs. Laura and Kiley, we were made to feel at ease and confident Harmony would take loving care of our dog Gibbs. He needed his teeth looked after and we knew they were in bad shape, and were anxious about him getting through the anesthesia and the rest of the process. One meeting before the procedure and we were comfortable with the whole staff. Not only did he “survive” the cleaning and pulling of teeth but within 1 day he was back to his normal routine. Dr. Kiley even called us from home on her day off to see how Gibbs was doing. Then the staff called to check in on him. I have already recommended Harmony to friends and will continue to do so. I’m looking forward to continuing with regular check-ups and will be confident I am doing the best for Gibbs.

Doug K.

Harmony Animal Hospital was recommended to me by a friend when I moved to the area in 2015. My cat Conan was a patient at Harmony for three years. Conan was also being seen by a vet at NC State who specialized in ear infections since she seemed to get them regularly when we moved to the area. I noticed Conan was losing weight at the beginning of this month and thought maybe she had an ear infection. I made an appointment with NC State, but also called Dr. Jodi to alert her to my concerns with her sudden weight loss. She gave me her cell number and asked me to keep in touch. The vet at NC State ordered blood work and said the results would be shared with Dr. Jodi the next day. I let Dr. Jodi know. She took it upon herself to call that night for the results and thank goodness she did since the blood work revealed Conan was in kidney failure. She told me to bring her to NC State’s Small Animal ER since they could provide overnight care. She then let NC State know I was on my way.  NC State did everything they could to save Conan, but at 17, her immune system just didn’t cooperate with the fluids. She did not respond to their efforts and they suggested dialysis. I texted Dr. Jodi, asking if she got a chance, if she could give me a call to discuss what I should do. This was on a Saturday afternoon. Dr. Jodi called me right away and laid out the pros and cons of dialysis. She assured me she supported my decision either way. I ended up putting Conan down as the likelihood she would respond to dialysis was only 50 percent and it would only extend her life for six months. I texted Dr. Jodi my decision and she immediately responded with condolences. Dr. Jodi did all of this for me even though she wasn’t being paid for her time. This illustrates her passion for not only the welfare of a pet, but also their owner. I cannot say enough about how much easier this process was knowing I had Dr. Jodi to turn to for answers. I cannot recommend Harmony Animal Hospital enough for the care of your pet.

Morag M.

I have a new puppy and Dr. Jodi told me how I could have her housebroken in 3 to 4 weeks. I have done what she said and my puppy is responding beautifully. I can’t thank her enough…my puppy has had no accidents since our visit!

Linda T.

I was very concerned about leaving my vet in NY and how my elderly Mastiff would be evaluated. Dr. Jodi did an excellent job and understood my concerns completely. It was an outstanding visit.

Jeanine Q.

Thank you to the vet techs who showed me how to dremmel my dog’s nails. Their instruction was awesome!! I know your office is super busy of late. Thank you for taking the time out… I hope I can do it. Whew – how that would help … since she gets so nervous in the car! It would be great to keep them trimmed at home.


Catherine G.

I would like to give a positive review for the care Harmony Animal Hospital has provided my pets and myself over the last 4 or 5 years. Harmony, your hospital, your staff has always made sure my pets had what they needed even when my funds were limited. When my beloved Lucy, my little Yorkshire had to be put to sleep I was crying so hard I did not want to hold her and terrify her as she passed and Dr. Reed kindly told me I was not a coward but being selfless because the truth was and is I wanted to be the one to hold her as she was leaving. Unfortunately, I was not strong enough but her beautiful doctor assured me she would hold her and love her for me…and she did and then sent me a card about my loss. I am not sure veterinary medicine or care can get any better than what I have received through your company. This past week, once again Harmony helped my other dog Lulu and again the care provided is unsurpassed. Everyone at Harmony gives 100%, everyone is kind and helpful, but when working with the front associates Karla is my “go to person.” She always makes sure we have what we need, she is very informed, and represents Harmony exceptionally well.

Theresa D.

It seemed as though the time beginning when I entered the exam room with my two goldens to when Dr. Kevin came in to start the examination was very long. all three of us were getting restless. Maybe I should just bring in one dog at a time? Otherwise, I love Harmony Animal Hospital, Dr. Kevin and the staff. Dr. Kevin and Megan were wonderful with my dogs. Both were very knowledgeable and professional and Fred and Molly loved them. Overall a very good experience. Fred, Molly and I will be sticking with Harmony Animal Hospital.


Bill W.

My dog Cabo is 12 years old and has been a client of Harmony and Dr. Jodi for many years. He has consistently been provided with the most quality care I can find for him. The care and concern Jodi and her staff give to each animal (and their humans) is beyond compare. Just this week, Cabo had major dental surgery resting in the removal of his teeth. When I first learned this was necessary, I was overwhelmed and scared. But I have such a level of trust in Jodi that I knew he was in the best hands possible for such a procedure. He is now doing amazingly well, hasn’t missed a meal and is smiling again. I would not take Cabo (or his feline sister Nellie) anywhere else for their medical care.

Heather B.

I can’t begin to tell you what a breath of fresh air this hospital is. I had been to a lot of others for my previous pets whole life and when they gave up, Harmony gave me another 7 years with my dog and helped him pass gracefully.. now that we have a new fur baby in our lives I wouldn’t dream of taking him anywhere else.. I wish I could give ’em 10 stars… they deserve it.. Thank you Harmony.


Matthew M.

I love this vet so much! The hospitality is out of this world, as soon as you walk in the door and the whole time you are there, they make you feel like family. I took my cat in yesterday for annual and dental visit and they kept me posted all day ok how alex was doing. And believe me; I’m a hot mess when I leave my animals. They treat you and all animals like they would their own. Love it there!


Roni-Veronica G.

Harmony Animal Hospital is absolutely the BEST. Dr. Jodi, Dr. Eve and all of the staff at Harmony Animal Hospital take such good care of our beagles, treating them like they are their own. Recently Dr. Eve was SO excited to share a new ear treatment she learned about that might help our Ellie-Mae. She was very honest and explained that it might not, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt her to try. I think she was as excited to tell me about it as I was to get the information! That’s how much they care….they always want the best for our dogs. I also want to point out that this “new” treatment is less expensive and involves fewer trips to the vets office. I am extremely pleased that it is working and making our sweet girl much more comfortable. Added bonus that we are saving some money. Thank you Dr. Eve and everyone at Harmony!!!


Mary Jo

Dr. Jodi and her staff are the best. We have taken our two fur babies there since we adopted them and the care they have gotten is first rate. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure your fur babies have the best possible care and that you are completely satisfied. Would recommend them to friends without any hesitation.


Steven L.

Great vet! They are thorough, kind, good with animals, and price conscious. That’s tough to find all in one place. We’ve had our cats there a few times- check-ups, breathing issue, and a dental- and are always pleased with the care they receive. We particularly like Dr. Elyse for the cat care.


Chloe J.

We just moved to town and were recommended to Harmony. I couldn’t be happier. Not only did they spend time talking to me about my dogs, they also sent an incredibly detailed follow-up report with recommendations. I would absolutely recommend them, I feel like they know my dogs, and they have only seen them twice!


Terra S.