I moved back to the area when my lil Dog was getting close to her first birthday. So, she needed a one-year exam and follow up vaccines. These vets and techs are SO NICE and attentive!  Of course it helps having the most adorable dog on the planet… at least the most adorable Yorkie on the planet! They are gentle and thorough with her, making sure she is properly cared for and that I have all of the follow up I need. They even called to ask how she was doing after seeing her for her double ear infection. They certainly do need a new space because they are so cramped in their current location. But their new building looks amazing and we can’t wait for our first visit over there. If you need a great, thorough, and attentive team to take care of your pet, these are the people you should see.

Kate T.

The staff is exceptionally friendly to humans and their pets. I’ve always received wonderful service.

Jamie P.

I had to bring my chihuahua in for an emergency visit a couple of days ago. Dr. Eve was so kind + patient with Archie (who is very leery of new people and hates the vet!) She instantly eased my anxiety and I had no question that Archie was in good hands. This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a vets office. Dr. Eve and the rest of the staff were so welcoming and polite, and they addressed all of our needs perfectly. Thank you all!! I am so happy I found you!

Melissa P.

An extraordinary vet practice. We were seeing another vet for our first dog and were perfectly happy there. When we adopted our second dog, Lucy, she had already been seen by Harmony, and we had planned to transition her to our vet, but after one appointment at Harmony, we decided not only to keep her there but now also plan to switch our other dog over to Harmony as well! They have been wonderful – every single person has been exceedingly kind, helpful, and professional. They have worked with us as we have tried to get through Lucy’s separation anxiety, her surprise heat and subsequent spay, and a freak accident with her tail. With every interaction, they have made it clear that they genuinely care about Lucy and her health and well-being. I know she couldn’t be in better hands, and I know we are lucky to have Harmony and its fantastic staff.

Jordan C.

If I could give Harmony 10 stars I would. These people were AWESOME! Awesome, from the front desk to Dr. Kevin. Took great care of my little scary cat. Explained everything & answered all our questions, even answering questions we didn’t know to ask. Explained the cost of each service/treatment. AND they gave us a notebook to keep all of Sahara’s records in. It also had a list of emergency clinics, local pet sitters, boarding facilities that they knew were good to work with, information about flea meds, & the list goes on. Harmony was very clean & didn’t have that smell so many animal clinics have. I recommend Harmony Animal Hospital to anyone who wants top notch care of their precious fur babies. Again, if I could give 10 stars I would.

Candy R.

This office exceeded our expectations every step of the process. From Melanie at the front desk, to Ashley and Liz ( more than technicians), to Drs. Laura and Kiley, we were made to feel at ease and confident Harmony would take loving care of our dog Gibbs. He needed his teeth looked after and we knew they were in bad shape, and were anxious about him getting through the anesthesia and the rest of the process. One meeting before the procedure and we were comfortable with the whole staff. Not only did he “survive” the cleaning and pulling of teeth but within 1 day he was back to his normal routine. Dr. Kiley even called us from home on her day off to see how Gibbs was doing. Then the staff called to check in on him. I have already recommended Harmony to friends and will continue to do so. I’m looking forward to continuing with regular check-ups and will be confident I am doing the best for Gibbs.

Doug K.

Harmony Animal Hospital was recommended to me by a friend when I moved to the area in 2015. My cat Conan was a patient at Harmony for three years. Conan was also being seen by a vet at NC State who specialized in ear infections since she seemed to get them regularly when we moved to the area. I noticed Conan was losing weight at the beginning of this month and thought maybe she had an ear infection. I made an appointment with NC State, but also called Dr. Jodi to alert her to my concerns with her sudden weight loss. She gave me her cell number and asked me to keep in touch. The vet at NC State ordered blood work and said the results would be shared with Dr. Jodi the next day. I let Dr. Jodi know. She took it upon herself to call that night for the results and thank goodness she did since the blood work revealed Conan was in kidney failure. She told me to bring her to NC State’s Small Animal ER since they could provide overnight care. She then let NC State know I was on my way.  NC State did everything they could to save Conan, but at 17, her immune system just didn’t cooperate with the fluids. She did not respond to their efforts and they suggested dialysis. I texted Dr. Jodi, asking if she got a chance, if she could give me a call to discuss what I should do. This was on a Saturday afternoon. Dr. Jodi called me right away and laid out the pros and cons of dialysis. She assured me she supported my decision either way. I ended up putting Conan down as the likelihood she would respond to dialysis was only 50 percent and it would only extend her life for six months. I texted Dr. Jodi my decision and she immediately responded with condolences. Dr. Jodi did all of this for me even though she wasn’t being paid for her time. This illustrates her passion for not only the welfare of a pet, but also their owner. I cannot say enough about how much easier this process was knowing I had Dr. Jodi to turn to for answers. I cannot recommend Harmony Animal Hospital enough for the care of your pet.

Morag M.

I have a new puppy and Dr. Jodi told me how I could have her housebroken in 3 to 4 weeks. I have done what she said and my puppy is responding beautifully. I can’t thank her enough…my puppy has had no accidents since our visit!

Linda T.

I was very concerned about leaving my vet in NY and how my elderly Mastiff would be evaluated. Dr. Jodi did an excellent job and understood my concerns completely. It was an outstanding visit.

Jeanine Q.

Thank you to the vet techs who showed me how to dremmel my dog’s nails. Their instruction was awesome!! I know your office is super busy of late. Thank you for taking the time out… I hope I can do it. Whew – how that would help … since she gets so nervous in the car! It would be great to keep them trimmed at home.


Catherine G.

I would like to give a positive review for the care Harmony Animal Hospital has provided my pets and myself over the last 4 or 5 years. Harmony, your hospital, your staff has always made sure my pets had what they needed even when my funds were limited. When my beloved Lucy, my little Yorkshire had to be put to sleep I was crying so hard I did not want to hold her and terrify her as she passed and Dr. Reed kindly told me I was not a coward but being selfless because the truth was and is I wanted to be the one to hold her as she was leaving. Unfortunately, I was not strong enough but her beautiful doctor assured me she would hold her and love her for me…and she did and then sent me a card about my loss. I am not sure veterinary medicine or care can get any better than what I have received through your company. This past week, once again Harmony helped my other dog Lulu and again the care provided is unsurpassed. Everyone at Harmony gives 100%, everyone is kind and helpful, but when working with the front associates Karla is my “go to person.” She always makes sure we have what we need, she is very informed, and represents Harmony exceptionally well.

Theresa D.

It seemed as though the time beginning when I entered the exam room with my two goldens to when Dr. Kevin came in to start the examination was very long. all three of us were getting restless. Maybe I should just bring in one dog at a time? Otherwise, I love Harmony Animal Hospital, Dr. Kevin and the staff. Dr. Kevin and Megan were wonderful with my dogs. Both were very knowledgeable and professional and Fred and Molly loved them. Overall a very good experience. Fred, Molly and I will be sticking with Harmony Animal Hospital.


Bill W.

My dog Cabo is 12 years old and has been a client of Harmony and Dr. Jodi for many years. He has consistently been provided with the most quality care I can find for him. The care and concern Jodi and her staff give to each animal (and their humans) is beyond compare. Just this week, Cabo had major dental surgery resting in the removal of his teeth. When I first learned this was necessary, I was overwhelmed and scared. But I have such a level of trust in Jodi that I knew he was in the best hands possible for such a procedure. He is now doing amazingly well, hasn’t missed a meal and is smiling again. I would not take Cabo (or his feline sister Nellie) anywhere else for their medical care.

Heather B.

I can’t begin to tell you what a breath of fresh air this hospital is. I had been to a lot of others for my previous pets whole life and when they gave up, Harmony gave me another 7 years with my dog and helped him pass gracefully.. now that we have a new fur baby in our lives I wouldn’t dream of taking him anywhere else.. I wish I could give ’em 10 stars… they deserve it.. Thank you Harmony.


Matthew M.

I love this vet so much! The hospitality is out of this world, as soon as you walk in the door and the whole time you are there, they make you feel like family. I took my cat in yesterday for annual and dental visit and they kept me posted all day ok how alex was doing. And believe me; I’m a hot mess when I leave my animals. They treat you and all animals like they would their own. Love it there!


Roni-Veronica G.

Harmony Animal Hospital is absolutely the BEST. Dr. Jodi, Dr. Eve and all of the staff at Harmony Animal Hospital take such good care of our beagles, treating them like they are their own. Recently Dr. Eve was SO excited to share a new ear treatment she learned about that might help our Ellie-Mae. She was very honest and explained that it might not, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt her to try. I think she was as excited to tell me about it as I was to get the information! That’s how much they care….they always want the best for our dogs. I also want to point out that this “new” treatment is less expensive and involves fewer trips to the vets office. I am extremely pleased that it is working and making our sweet girl much more comfortable. Added bonus that we are saving some money. Thank you Dr. Eve and everyone at Harmony!!!


Mary Jo

Dr. Jodi and her staff are the best. We have taken our two fur babies there since we adopted them and the care they have gotten is first rate. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure your fur babies have the best possible care and that you are completely satisfied. Would recommend them to friends without any hesitation.


Steven L.

Great vet! They are thorough, kind, good with animals, and price conscious. That’s tough to find all in one place. We’ve had our cats there a few times- check-ups, breathing issue, and a dental- and are always pleased with the care they receive. We particularly like Dr. Elyse for the cat care.


Chloe J.

We just moved to town and were recommended to Harmony. I couldn’t be happier. Not only did they spend time talking to me about my dogs, they also sent an incredibly detailed follow-up report with recommendations. I would absolutely recommend them, I feel like they know my dogs, and they have only seen them twice!


Terra S.

The vets at Harmony Animal Hospital have been treating our cantankerous adult cat for about a year. Even though he isn’t the nicest of cats when he goes to the vet…they always take good care of him and get him feeling better than when he arrived. Harmony is also approved by our two kittens.


A M.

Thank you to everyone at Harmony for taking such wonderful care of Molly for the past three years. We appreciate your compassion, and the time you always took to answer our questions. Not only do you care for pets, but you care for families as well.


Amy S.

Constantly going above and beyond. How many veterinarians will send you videos of your sick fur babies when you can’t be there with them? Thank you so much to all the staff at Harmony.


Madison B.

This is the best vet clinic I’ve ever worked in, much less trusted my pet to, by FAR! Our doctors and staff really do care about each and every pet and patient care comes above anything else. How many vets give you an after hours number where you can speak to a real live doctor when the hospital is closed? I have worked in several vet hospitals over the years and none holds a candle to Harmony! I love working there every day! Love my Harmony family!


Jennifer P.

Today we sadly said good-bye to one of our cats. My husband and I will be forever grateful to the compassion and care shown to us by Dr. Jaime and her vet nurses, Liz and Courtney. They were remarkable before and during a time of great sadness. We also have the greatest respect and confidence in their well cat care.


Catherine C.

Harmony was recommended to me when I first moved here when on a walk with my pup. I am pleased to say Harmony has lived up to every expectation I could expect out of a vet and more. The staff is cheery and knowledgeable and always accommodating. Me and my pup Lucy have been going here for one year and even though it is a little of a drive since I moved it is worth the travel. I will continue going here now with Lucy and with all future pets. Would defiantly recommend Harmony to all my friends and family!


Mellisa B.

We had to put down our English bulldog a few weeks ago and Dr. Elise was absolutely perfect. She was patient, understanding, empathetic and informative. It was such a hard time for us but yet, our old buddy seemed to be at such peace. I attribute it to the calm and caring environment that Dr. Elise and the staff at Harmony provided for us. We will be forever grateful.


Rebecca H.

So glad I found Harmony Animal Hospital! My cat has had chronic asthma for about 4 years and we moved to the area about a year ago. His vet in Charlotte was awesome and I thought I’d never find another one like them. We did go to another vet in Raleigh, but Harmony Animal Hospital has surpassed them by leaps and bounds. First, everyone is amazingly friendly and you can tell that they really love working there. The veterinarians are clear about their recommendations for your animal and take time to answer any questions that you have. The staff is helpful and clear with pricing information as well. The thing that really led me to give them a five-star review though was how they handled a medication for my cat. He needed a pill that is hard to get in a traditional pharmacy. CVS, Wal-Mart, and Target all told me they couldn’t fill it. I went to Walgreens and they said they’d have to order it. After a week of trying to get it filled, I casually mentioned to one of the staff members during his follow-up appointment that I was still waiting but hoped that I would get his medication soon. I honestly wasn’t expecting them to do anything. I received a phone call later that day from a member of the office staff saying they’d contacted the pharmacy and the medication would be ready to pick up! Whaaaat?! I didn’t even know they knew which specific pharmacy I was using. It was a great surprise and my kitty got the medicine he needed ASAP. So, needless to say, I’ll be bringing my cat and any other animals we get back to Harmony! I would tell you to bring your pets here if you want a great experience from start to finish.


Brittany S.

After 16 years, health issues forced us to say goodbye to our Maltese, strange experience shopping as we felt our other vet was over charging.  Here at Harmony the staff and special room that is very comfortable, not an exam room made it as pleasant as possible for both our pet and us.  They were cautious of our motive as we were new, and was asked a lot of questions, they verified with the other vet, and performed a checkup just to be sure, so they obviously have the animals interest first.  This was late Friday evening, we were last appt, and they were in no rush to get us out, they let us time the process, not them.  No more shopping for us, Harmony will be taking care of our cat and anything else the kids bring home.


Jeff F.

Been bringing Snickers here for a few years and could not be any happier! I recently had to board my dog for 10 days due to an unexpected circumstance. I was a nervous wreck as he has never spent that much time away from me. The entire staff was so nice and reassuring they would take great care of him and they did not seem to mind my frequent daily check-in calls. Cannot thank Harmony enough for the wonderful care you continue to provide!!!


Lauren S.

I’ve been taking my cat, Leo, here for 3 years and they have been phenomenal. A year ago, he got a severe urinary blockage and had to be taken into an emergency vet immediately at about 10pm. I called Dr. Jodi in hysterics and was worried sick and she calmly gave me several suggestions and advised I go to the 24hr vet immediately. I did and it saved his life. Following his treatment, the Dr. Jodi and her staff took excellent care of Leo and called me often to let me know how he was doing and also to check up on him when he got home.

Leo has seen Dr. Elise the last few times we’ve been and she, too, has been amazing. She offered up several suggestions to his inappropriate urinating and was very patient with Leo during his visits (he’s very grumpy when he’s not at home). I trust them 100% with my fur baby’s care.


Brittney S.

Finally!!! I have struggled to find a veterinary practice in Southern Wake county that I felt consistently met the health needs of my cats…..well, the struggle is over!  I’ve now had enough experiences with Harmony to feel comfortable this practice can meet our needs for years to come.  Routine examinations and vaccines, dental services (including extractions) and overnight stays……experienced them all!  In addition, we had a medical emergency during non-office hours and Dr. Jodi called, while on vacation, with the appropriate emergency care instructions.

We recently became acquainted with Dr. Eve when both cats, Blynken and Romney, made visits for their annual exams.  I could not be more pleased.  I found Dr. Eve to be very patient, compassionate and knowledgeable.  Blynken is a temperamental callie and she was at perfect ease with Dr. Eve.

I’ve never felt like this practice has tired to “over sell” procedures or products.  I find their price structure to be reasonable and fair.

I’m especially excited to learn that the practice will be moving into a new, state of the arts facility during the upcoming year.  If I had to find one complaint, it would be that the waiting room is small and cramped at times.  This hasn’t been too uncomfortable as the doctors seem to have always been on schedule during our visits and wait time was minimal.

I’m not one to routinely compose online reviews.  A company/person has to have really exceeded my expectations for me to take the time and make the effort.

I LOVE this practice and look forward to their expansion.

Thanks Dr. Eve for making Blynken’s annual visit a pleasant one!

Anita H.

Boyfriend and I recently adopted a puppy so we had to do our homework to find a Vet that was close to us and knows their stuff.

Our first visit to Harmony was definitely a positive one. Dr. Barta and Jennifer answered all of our questions, took great care of Zoey and we left with a binder to keep her records. About a week after our visit we received a letter in the mail with a handwritten note thanking us for our business!

We recently had an after hours emergency and had to leave a voicemail with Dr. Jodi (yes, you get her cell phone number), she promptly called us back and offered advice on our issue. The next day we dropped our pup off before heading to work and they took great care of her. They even followed up the next day to make sure everything was okay.

Yelp did not steer us wrong on this one! Harmony Animal Hospital is amazing and they truly care about your pet!

Stephanie H.

The people at Harmony go above and beyond and have a true love for animals. Dr. Jamie was absolutely wonderful to my baby, Louie! I could of not thought of a most wonderful experience! Thank you for caring for animals as if they were your own! You’ve earned a customer for life!

Lauren G.

Kudos to Harmony Animal Hospital for helping Rinny along lately. Going above & beyond the average these days, I’m really quite impressed! In my many many years of vet services and interactions, it takes a lot to make me write a review! We are very pleased with our switch to your services. Not to mention that the kids like a pet hospital that offers people treats too! Great job!

Sabrina W.

We tried Harmony animal hospital bc of all the wonderful reviews, they are WONDERFUL!!!! The staff and the entire staff including the front office staff are caring and so helpful! I had to drop off my cat due to vomiting and I had to work. The vet called me and kept me up to date and made sure to explain to me what she felt was going on! She was even conscientious of the price range I wanted to try to stay in (if it had gone above that we would have paid it) but she asked a radiologist for a favor and read my cats X-ray which was a 75.00 extra fee which we didn’t have to pay! This office has won us over and we will be using them for our pets in the future! If you want quality care even for emergencies bring your pet to this office! Another emergency hospital wanted to charge 3500.00 to 5500.00 for surgery if that was what was needed. Thank goodness our car didn’t need that and our bill for blood work, X-ray, exam, antibiotic injection, steroid meds was 400.00.

Amanda W.

Thank you Thank you Thank you to Dr. Jodi and staff. We can not even began to say how grateful we are to the amazing doctors and staff at Harmony Animal Hospital… They took the most amazing care of our girl “Mollie”…. She had been through such a traumatic experience and we were treated with such warmth and caring from the moment we walked her in the door.. Thank you to everyone who helped our girl… Family & friends… I can not recommend them high enough to anyone looking for a veterinarian…. They have us as forever clients!!!!! Xoxo

Kristen B.

Personally, I feel that everyone at Harmony is pleasant, dedicated, passionate and caring of people & their pet(s). They are always very thorough and offer options regarding your pet’s health. I am thankful that I have such a comfortable and wonderful place to take my pet! God bless you all.

June B.

Can’t say enough good things about Harmony Animal Hospital. They are kind, compassionate and always do what’s best for both the pet and the “parents”. The doctors take care to spend the time to explain the situation. answer all your questions and help you come to the best decision. I can always trust the entire staff to take great care of us! The icing on the cake is that they work with local rescue groups, offering low cost alternatives to necessary care.

Tina B.

When I moved to the area I needed to find a new vet for my kitten. I mainly looked at reviews and since Harmony Animal Hospital had the best I tried it out. Now I’m here to leave a review to tell you to go! It is such a great facility. The staff are extremely helpful and kind, you can really see how much they care about your pet. They even send you home with a binder filled with helpful information that you can use to keep your pets medical records in. If you live in Apex or the surrounding area and you’re looking for a new vet, check out Harmony Animal Hospital.

Meghan C.

Please share this with Dr. Jodi- Caroline is doing wonderfully after her dental procedure. She has been sickly over the past couple of years. We have gotten her liver issues under control and now that we removed a bad tooth she is like a different cat! She is purring, affectionate and loves to be brushed. She was very nervous and tended to keep to herself, but I think she is finally 100% healthy and so happy. Thank you for your measured approach in dealing with her issues and for genuinely listening to me, as her owner, and caring about her well-being.

Brian P.

We cannot say enough how much we value Dr. Jodi (and the staff) and their concern for our pet. Ms. Charlotte is a very important member of our family and we know that she gets the princess treatment each time we visit. It is also very reassuring to have the special care that Dr. Jodi provides each time, and being able to talk to her is very helpful as we are going through some challenging times with Ms. Charlotte. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for caring so much. Keep up the excellent work and treatment!

David B.

Top-notch care provider for human & animal clients. From entry to exit, my 2 cats and I experienced superb care by everyone, especially Arianna, Jenn & Dr. Eve Boggs. Each took their time being thorough in reviewing new client info, concerns, future care recommendations and costs involved. I didn’t feel surprise or sticker shock because both the website and in-house staff clearly detailed what was involved. I never felt rushed either and, although super early for our 1st visit, was made to feel welcome and taken to an exam room right away. My past experiences with vets were from rush-rush NY, both city and suburbs. Only the emergency care specialists were as good in care quality as Harmony and this animal hospital surpassed all to earn highest marks.


I just wanted to drop a note to tell you all how much I appreciate everything that you have done for my dog, Kya, who has Addison’s disease and comes in quite frequently. The care that you all have collectively provided has saved my best gal pal’s life on more than one occasion and for that we are so grateful. Jodi, Jennifer, Courtney, Arianna, Liz, and everyone else whose names I can’t remember but surely do a fantastic job- thank you for being amazing! I wouldn’t take her anywhere else for vet care.

Laura M.

Our family switched to Harmony after not loving our previous vet. The first visit proved how much they love and care for your pet. Our Husky can be difficult to deal with at times because of her high energy level, but they have never complained. We really appreciate their patience and sincerity when it comes to the care of our Addy. Thank you for all you do!

Liz M.

I love Harmony Animal Hospital! When they gave me a binder to keep my dog’s records in, I knew this was a good place! I also appreciated that they called the day after my most recent unexpected visit to see how my dog was doing. The staff is really friendly. My only complaint is that they do not see small animals, so I have to go to another vet for my two guinea pigs. However, I like Harmony enough that I am willing to visit the two vets instead of moving my dog over to the one that can see all of my pets. I’m tempted to give them 4 stars only because they don’t see all common pets, but from what I understand this is common in the veterinary world and the care that they do give to dogs and cats is incredible, thus 5 stars.

Rebecca F.

Finally, Dr. Linda Jack and nurse Jennifer, thank you for loving my Riley like I love her and taking such wonderful care of her. You were patient and kind with her and that makes all the difference in the world. Thank you for listening to my concerns and for answering my questions with honesty. Moving across the country is stressful enough but knowing that we have a place for Riley makes us feel right at home here in North Carolina.

Jennifer M.

Thank you to everyone that made Pete’s first visit so wonderful and easing my mind. I could not ask for more wonderful care, understanding and compassionate service and taking the time to explain everything to me. I will recommend you to everyone I know!

Rachel C.

I’ve known Dr Jodi since at least 2008, when she was a veterinarian at another vet practice. Once Dr. Jodi opened Harmony Animal Hospital, our four legged family naturally joined her new practice. Dr. Jodi is exceptionally talented. She most definitely met her calling as one of the most loving, dedicated, and passionate veterinarians I know. I recommend Dr Jodi, and Dr Eves where ever I go, and to whomever I speak!

Mary P.

Thank you for the difference you are making for our little Elijah, “Punkyn” – and for so many other families! Harmony Animal Hospital, and Dr. Eve Boggs are truly a God sent! We hope you will all have a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!* Keep up the wonderful work. Blessings!

Carolyn A.

Today we made a the difficult decision to let my precious Teddybear go. This was a hard decision made easier by the compassion and love shown to both Teddy and me by Dr. Simone, Dr. eve and the rest of the staff. Teddy was a beautiful soul who brought joy and love to everyone that met her. God bless each of you for making her last few months easier through your care and compassion.

Lee G.

Words can’t describe how brilliant Dr. Eve Boggs is. My wife and I live in SF, but were in NC for the holidays. Our beloved puppy was showing signs for Giardia and had some other things were were concerned about so we brought him in to see Dr. Boggs.

Dr. Boggs blew us away. She spent almost an hour talking to us answering any questions we had. She also gave us her email and sent a report card outlining everything she said to us in person. Her staff was equally as amazing. We are so bummed that she can’t be our regular vet, but we will always stay in touch.

You couldn’t ask for a better vet. She IS THE BEST.

Stefanie S. and Tony Z.

We are new to the area and were looking for a vet to take care of our sweet Ellie-Mae beagle. A friend recommended Dr. Jodi and we couldn’t be happier!!! Dr. Jodi and all of the staff at Harmony Animal Hospital have been absolutely wonderful. Ellie-Mae is a lucky girl to have such caring vet to take care of her. Thank you so much for helping her ears feel better!

Mary Jo

Jodi and her staff are wonderful. Very caring with the animals, always responsive.  I’d have them treat me if they took people. I can’t say enough nice things about this practice.  They are just great. I trust them implicitly with my furry babies.

Catherine T.

WOW Service and highly knowledgeable staff.  Exemplary communication across all mediums.  Can’t say enough about this practice.  Wish they saw humans!

Jennifer S.

Awesome group of ladies.I always feel comfortable taking my animals there. I know they will provide great care and love my pets as much as I love them.

Melissa H.

I have never seen a review on yelp with 5 stars on every review! Now I know why. I called a couple of days ago looking for a new vet because I recently moved to the area. A lady named Barbara answered the phone and I explained my situation and she told me all about Harmony, gave me prices and what the differences are between their services and other hospitals.  She never rushed me off the phone and really took her time to explain things to me, and I am not even a client yet! I feel like if they take the time to do that over the phone then I can only imagine how good they will be in person.  I have definitely found my new vet and look forward to making my appointment soon!

Lisa N.

Over the past several years I have been more than impressed by this office. All vets should operate at this level. My dog is truely blessed to have Dr Jodi and her amazing staff.

Ashley B.

I just went to Harmony Animal Hospital this week for the first time. My cat needed his vaccines updated and was also dry coughing. The front staff was very pleasant to work with setting up the appts and checking out. Dr. Eve (Boggs) was our veterinarian. She is awesome! She spent quite a bit of time with us and gave my cat a benadryl shot since he had an allergic reaction during his previous vaccinations at a different vet. She explained that I can give him a dose of baby benadryl next time to save money and how much to give him. While we waited for that to kick in she checked him over thoroughly and addressed my concerns about the coughing by checking his lungs and heart. She suggested I break up the vaccines into two visits (1 for each visit) and let me know that he only need those two (again saving me money and my cat grief). We scheduled the next vaccine for a month later and she said there would be no charge for another visit other than the vaccine itself of course.

The vet tech Wendie was also very nice and called the next day to check on Caine to make sure he didn’t have any reaction to the rabies vaccine. I highly recommend this veterinarian!

Wallace S.

I was looking for a vet closer to where I live when I moved to Apex, and Harmony did much more than fit the bill. I knew I’d love it the moment I walked in, because there Russel was, sleeping on the coffee pot. Other than that, the staff were all friendly and helpful. I had a question about the ship to home on their website, emailed their team, and was responded to within 24 hours. Really great service!

The vet tech Wendie was also very nice and called the next day to check on Caine to make sure he didn’t have any reaction to the rabies vaccine. I highly recommend this veterinarian!


We were so impressed with the care our 16 year old cat received from Dr. Jodi! Our cat had a seizure late Friday evening. Dr. Jodi was available by phone after hours & worked us in on Saturday morning. We so appreciate her compassion and care of our beloved pet!

The vet tech Wendie was also very nice and called the next day to check on Caine to make sure he didn’t have any reaction to the rabies vaccine. I highly recommend this veterinarian!

Terri O.

Thanks AGAIN for yet another wonderful visit! I am so happy to have brought my newest baby to you (all 140 lbs of him!) Bogie and Molly send their love to each of you! xoxo

Rhonda D.

Moore Labs Rescue wants to THANK Dr. Jodi Reed and the kind and compassionate staff at Harmony for their dedication to rescued animals and their fosters. You are a special group and we need and appreciate you!

Moore Labs Rescue

Dr Jodi is the BEST vet in town!

Gina G.

Can’t say enough good things about Harmony Animal Hospital. They are kind, compassionate and always do what’s best for both the pet and the “parents”. The doctors take care to spend the time to explain the situation. answer all your questions and help you come to the best decision. I can always trust the entire staff to take great care of us! The icing on the cake is that they work with local rescue groups, offering low cost alternatives to necessary care.

Tia B.

Believe the hype. Dr. Jodi is so unbelievable, as is the entire staff at Harmony.

I was fed up with my previous vet, so found Harmony through a google search. I was impressed with all of the reviews, especially the ones specifically about Dr. Jodi.

Unfortunately my first visit ended up with very bad news. But Dr. Jodi broke it to me gently, gave me a ton of resources, called and checked up on us constantly, never minded me calling her with questions, and even sent a sincere hand written card after everything was done. This is not only the kind of vet that I want to take my beloved animals to, but also the kind of person that was called to this profession.

I love the thorough evaluation and typed report that she gives, including the 3 hole punch so it’s easily filed. She knows all of the pets and owners alike, and really knows what she’s talking about.

Nick G.

I love this animal hospital. Being very cautious as I love my older cat so much and also having just moved to NC, I was thrilled to find them. The staff are really kind and helpful and try to accommodate you as much as possible. My vet, Dr. Eve, was amazing with my pet – she is a great combination of homeopathic and traditional medicine for animals. You could tell she loves pets and thinks about the best treatment for them. Every time I have taken my cat into Harmony, they have made me feel important and that my pet was in good hands. I could not recommend them more highly and feel they are one of the few high quality animal vet centers in the area.

Leza I.

Great staff. Unbelievably friendly. Handled my dog wonderfully and had her up and running better than ever!

Ashley P.

Yes, Harmony Animal Hospital is as good as it gets!  This is my first 5-star rating (on Yelp), and it is well deserved.  I have been taking my dog here for 3 years, and it has been the best experience I have ever had with a veterinary office.  All of the staff, from Dr. Jodi down, are amazingly kind and polite.  Even if I am only there for an annual exam, I feel like they all remember me and my dog.  Dr. Jodi is extremely knowledgeable.  I first came here because I wasn’t happy with some of the diagnoses of my previous vet.  Dr. Jodi was able to solve all of the problems my dog was having with allergies.  She also removed a growth from my dog’s leg, and was so dedicated and caring throughout the recovery process.  Someone from the office always calls to check on your pet  if you go in for something besides routine care.  And they’re so accommodating!  I have always been able to get an appointment when I was worried about something, and if they didn’t have an appointment available, they have offered to let me drop off my dog in the morning, pick her up in the evening, and they would check her out as soon as they could.  Also, someone is usually available after-hours to offer advice in case of an emergency.  Finally, they take, and can get you set up with, CareCredit, which is like a credit card strictly for medical expenses with 0% interest for the first 6 months.  This is very useful for unexpected surgery or emergencies!  I am beyond grateful that I found Harmony Animal Hospital and highly recommend it.

Meagan G.

Great staff, clean, and professional! They really care about their clients and their animals and will go ABOVE AND BEYOND for them. Love Harmony Animal Hospital! FIVE STARS

Jillian G.

Harmony Animal Hospital is an extremely gifted Veterinarian team that has taken exceptional care of our adult cat, Moses. The team was prompt courteous and professional in assisting our family and pets. Dr Jodi Lendhart and Simone Lemieux, DVM were very caring and excellent in their health care dealing with our 13 year old feline family member.

Our cat had to have some very advanced dental work done for he was in ill health. Both Dr Jodi and Simone were hands on in there care; giving us a complete printed report of the detailed work done. In fact, the staff was caring enough on the weekend to call just to make sure that everything was going well and if we had any further questions. Great care and commitment to excellent veterinary care is my summation of Harmony Animal Hospital!

Eric F.

I was unhappy with our previous vet and started looking around for a new place to take my dogs. I couldn’t be happier with Harmony Animal Hospital. One of my dogs has been really sick, and Dr. Jodi and Dr. Eve have been phenomenal. I know that they truly care about my pup and go the extra mile to make sure he is ok. By far the best vets we have EVER been to – the whole staff is great!


We found Harmony after our regular vet couldn’t see us. Dr. Jodi saved our Silver Egpytian Mau! She is the BEST EVER! She exudes Love for animals & a true Passion for their well being! We nearly lost my baby boy Jumoke Atsu but w/ help from Dr. Jodi & her staff “Moke” & his older brother Abubakar “Abu” are proud & honored to have Dr. Jodi there for all of us!

Donald N.

I have taken too long to write this, but just wanted to say a big THANK YOU again for all of your help with my little Oliver! The laser therapy was AMAZING and your staff is so wonderful and kind. The care that you gave him was top notch, I only wish I could find doctors for my family that were as compassionate as you all. Thank you again!

Jaimee T.

Oh how I wish we could have taken this hospital back to California with us.  Highly recommend.  Haven’t found anyone at home — or previous homes — we like nearly as much.  We saw Dr. Eve for acupuncture for my pup’s allergies (which were super severe during our extended visit in NC spring).  I’d tried acupuncture with him before, he didn’t like it, or at least didn’t like who was administering it.  Dr. Eve listened to HIM and he responded very well.  (If you know acupuncture, and points, he let her put a liver point in his foot without flinching. That’s remarkable.)

We also saw Dr. Jodi between visits for my pup’s ear infection.  Highly recommend her as well.  Debbie at the front desk is also wonderful.  And we’ve seen a lot of vets in our travels and allergies… Also, they didn’t charge for this courtesy check, which I thought was classy.

My favorite vet office of many many offices.  Really wish it was local.  Also, while I’d suggest other pet insurances that cover supplements and homeopathy, my VPI does cover acupuncture at 100%…certainly something to consider if you don’t have a preexisting condition.

Good luck.


My husband took our dog Megan to Harmony Animal Hospital when he found her unable to get up in the morning.  She was a rescue dog we had for over 16 years so she had lived a long life and we didn’t expect a good outcome.  We called several animal hospitals who were unable to help us, but the staff at Harmony were very accommodating and understood our need to have Megan taken care of at the end of her life.  Dr. Jodi took care of Megan personally and my husband was able to comfort her at the end.  The entire staff was professional and caring and I would recommend Harmony Animal Office to any of my friends and family.

Theresa C.

We’ve been coming here for about a year now and Dr. Jodi has been a pleasant change from our previous vet.   The costs here are more reasonable and lower.  It gets expensive especially when tests upon tests are done so it helps to save a bit of money.  Dr. Jodi is very easy to talk to and work with.  The staff and vet techs are friendly and knowledgeable.  As a new client, they give you a health binder to help you keep track of all visits, which is very useful since we have two dogs.   They are a smaller busier hospital which can make the wait times a bit longer but overall we are very pleased and plan to stay a while.  I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in search of a new vet.

Timothy Y.

I’ve had Dr. Jodi caring for my now two dogs, she really is caring, professional is an under statement when it comes to her and her staff. I’am totally grateful to her for her services to my family and highly recommend her to all, you’ll love the experience.

Ed J.

Jodi and her staff have been absolutely amazing in every way.  As new pet owners, we had many, many questions and the technicians as well as Dr. Jodi took their time with us.  Our first appointment was nearly 2 hours and we still were not forced out the door.   Everyone we have come in contact with in this office has been fantastic. They have exceeded all expectations.  Thanks for the excellent care!

Kali D.

Dr. Jodi is AMAZING!!! She is completely up-to-date on new information and is open-minded. I have fought with vets about care for my cats – especially when I lived in Cary! And don’t get me going on how much the Cary vets would guilt you into spending gobs of money on old, dying cats! I switched to Dr. Jodi and have never looked back!! She even opened for us on a Sunday morning because our new puppy was sick. As for rates – I did research and discovered the only “vet” less expensive was PetSmart. And they were literally only a dollar less on regular shots. Really – do you want a retail store as your trusted vet?

Tina S.

After moving from Colorado to NC, I visited a few different Vets. Let me say that the ones I went to before Harmony were jokes. None of them seemed to care about our pets as much as their money. Coming from a town in which our pets were legally considered family, this was a reflection of the area, its residents and its history. I tried Harmony and I was so very impressed. I have been there for about 7 months now and recently had Dr. Reed do surgery on my dog. I can’t compare her to any other vets as this is new for me but as always she was responsive, attentive, confident and competent. As my guy is recovering I felt I owed a good review so that maybe others new to the area or simply reading reviews can learn there are better docs out there! Don’t assume they are all the same, they are not.

John D.

A long review but worth the read. What started out as looking for a more personable (and hopefully a cheaper) option than my current veterinarian ended up with the discovery of an unbelievably friendly staff and nurturing doctor at Harmony Animal Hospital. My first impression was the fact that they were willing to work me in on a Saturday even though we were new patients and they had no appointments available. Awesome. Second was how clean and comfortable the place was. Treats for animals and humans alike in the lobby, cats chilling in the hall…it felt like home and my dog thought so too. Next, the vet tech greeted me and more importantly my pup. They told me that they tailor vaccinations to the particular pet and their habits (you mean I don’t necessarily need all of those shots that my previous vet insisted that I did?). They listened and wrote notes for the Vet while I talked, they asked questions, then gave me time to respond and wrote those notes down too. Since I was a last minute appointment, I had to drop off my dog to be seen later that morning, yet they still took all of that time with me. Then there is Dr. Jodi. Yes, she goes by Dr. First Name…it can’t get more personable than that, can it? Unfortunately Dr. Jodi had to give me some unexpected bad news on my first visit, but she took her time with me and my pup, and I actually felt that my comfort and understanding were finally more important than my credit card and rushing the next patient through. She avoided giving vaccinations that may interfere with his problems, she explained what our next steps were, and sent me home with her cell phone number. Not an after hours call center or an emergency vet number, her number. Dr. Jodi has already followed up several times with us to find out how we are all doing, and even the simplest things made me realize that we have found the right Vet for all current and future furry members of our family. Things like calling me by my first name, being sincere, helping me make the right unpressured decisions, the great 3 ring binder to keep all of our records straight, the online pet portal that tracks our pets health/due dates, not giving unnecessary vaccinations just to make a buck…I could keep going and I’ve only been in there one time! My only disappointment is that it took me so many years to find Harmony and Dr. Jodi!

Carla R.

Finally – the perfect combination of wonderful vet & wonderful staff! I wish I had found this place sooner!! All of the staff are very friendly and made me feel like they really cared about me & my pet. The vet tech was great – she interacted with my cat and made me feel very comfortable. She was incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. The office itself is incredibly clean and has small touches that make all the difference – drinks for customers, a rug on the metal table to make the pets more comfortable & padded seats for the humans. While I waited I had 2 different people come in to make sure I was ok, ask if I needed anything, and to give me an update of what the vet was doing. I SO appreciated not just being left alone in the room forever -that’s happened to me at every other vet I’ve been to, so it was wonderful to be checked in on and given a status update. As for the vet – I met with Dr. Eve Boggs and LOVED her! She used language I could understand, but didn’t talk down to me. She was very easy to talk to and was very friendly. She really listened to what I had to say. Plus, she’s into more holistic treatments so I loved the fact that she wasn’t pushing antibiotics or other drugs down my throat – she uses them when necessary, but is also open to alternative treatments which I really like. Finally – to put the proverbial icing on the cake, they gave me a binder with information to keep all of my pet records in and…wait for it…TYPED OUT NOTES OF WHAT WE TALKED ABOUT! OMG, I have never, in 10 + years of owning pets, been given any sort of written documentation of what was discussed during the visit. As I’m sure you know, it’s impossible to remember everything, so having these notes is simply wonderful!!!! Nice touch! I would highly recommend this office!

Amy J.

When I first took my two dogs, a beagle and a black lab mix, to Dr. Reed, she actually got down on the floor level with the dogs and checked them. What an amazing idea! No more trying to lift them up onto a metal table to be checked. Everyone was so caring and took a great deal of interest in our pets and us. I have been going to Dr. Reed for over a year and have referred many people to her. I will continue referring people to this practice as often as possible!

Anne B.

We have used several vets over the years, as we have a dog and 2 cats (dog 13 years, cats 19 years ). Since our pets are older they are starting to have health issues and have been seen at Harmony. We have been to Harmony twice and each time Dr. Jodi and her staff are very caring, attentive and professional. They will spend the time needed and answer any questions. without question this is the best experience we have had with a vets.

Mike L.

As with everyone else, I concur that Dr. Jodi is the BEST! I followed her through three practices before she opened Harmony and I can’t even conceive of taking my kitties elsewhere. To say that she is caring and thorough is an understatement. I had a kitty with significant health issues and Dr. Jodi researched and spoke with anyone she could find to get info to treat her in the best way possible. I am now the proud parent of two new kitties – Thelma & Louise – and they both fit their names! Dr. Jodi is still as wonderful as when I first found her and is always willing to take the time to explain everything to me until I understand and am satisfied with a treatment plan. As for Carl and Russell, they are as sweet as Dr. Jodi and so much fun to visit that sometimes I just want to come to see them!  The office staff is wonderful and friendly and helpful. Just an all around great veterinary practice!

Annette P.

Jodi, Dr. Eve and the entire staff are AWESOME!!!! When we moved to the area, we brought our 3 dogs Jezy, Patch and Zoe. They had completed an around the world trip for the last 5 years and we were most anxious to find them great care. The entire staff has been caring, supportive and have been a source of strength when we have had to make hard decisions concerning our 4 legged babies. When it was clear we could no longer give Jezy the quality of life she had enjoyed for the last 12 years, Dr. Jodi came to our home so that Jezy could be in a loving environment when it was time to go, surrounded by all her family. The team grieved with us and indulged us during a deep grief. Words cannot begin to express how much we love Harmony Animal Hospital and the entire team.

Karen M.

I wanted to send you and the Harmony Hospital team a note to let you know how grateful my entire family is for your exceptional services.  Our dog Max was presented to you when he was five weeks old with Parvo. You nursed him back to health and gave us minute to minute guidance on how to ensure his survival once he came home. Most other vets would have charged us for every syringe and every phone call but you did not. And that is the way it has been ever since.

Recently, Max had been sick for at least a week and then became ill enough over Memorial Day weekend that I put in a call to Harmony. Dr. Jodi called me back and brought her kids with her to meet me during a time that should have been a holiday for her family. She could have directed me to the NC State Emergency hospital which would have cost a fortune. Instead, she sacrificed her personal family time to help our dog Max.

Now fast forward to today. Our son was with Max at the Cary Dog Park and another dog bit Max’s tongue. It was after Harmony Animal Hospital hours in the evening when my son called you for help. Once again, instead of directing us to more expensive emergency hospitals, you welcomed us to come in for treatment. I have had other dogs in the past under the care of prominent Vets in Cary and can tell you that Harmony provides love and care for your patients that is beyond anything I have ever seen.

I just wanted you to know that you are special people and welcome you to use my email and name as testimony to other families that are looking for the BEST VET in the area!!!


Jenny E.

I absolutely love Harmony & Dr Eve. We have been bringing our puppy here since we got her in October, and they have been so great! I’m glad I found them on Yelp. They’re all super friendly & helpful, and I love that they have late hours so that I can just come in after work. Any time I express concerns – whether it’s a reaction to a vaccine or a preference regarding flea/heart worm medications, they’re so great about finding a solution that works for me. They even suggested we bring our pup in for a “happy visit” (no appointment, just some hellos and a treat) after she had an emergency visit (which they were so accommodating for!) so that she wouldn’t become scared of the vet permanently – and it worked!

They also give new patients a complimentary starter binder with all sorts of helpful information in it, and they give you full write ups to put in it after every appointment that includes all treatments, recommendations, commentary, and fees, which is so reassuring – I always know exactly what is going on with my pet when we come here…it also means I have her full health records with me at home, which is not only extremely reassuring, but also makes reordering medications very easy – I never worry about forgetting brand or dosage.

Overall, we are thrilled with our experience, and when we get our next puppy we will definitely be bringing it to Harmony, too!

Ashley H.

Dr Jodi and the staff are awesome. I have never experienced such great care for my dog anywhere the 16years he was with me. They truly are in it for the right reasons and very fair on prices. Even if they were 3Xs more in cost I would of still taken my boy to them. I can’t say enough about this practice, they were the best all the way to the end for my boy. The best care and love for your loved one(s) in my honest opinion. When it was time for my dog, they were very caring and loving and it was the best I could of hoped for and what he deserved. Very grateful to Dr Jodi and Wendy… you guys rock, love y’all and thanks again!

Yo Han K.

Simply put, outstanding care for pets in an environment that surpasses most human health care facilities. Sincere, dedicated staff members are obviously team players passionate about carrying out the mission of the practice. Dr. Jodi, Dr. Lemieux, and Dr. Eve possess superior veterinary skills along with core values of integrity, compassion, and commitment to service. Our dogs have undergone 2 successful knee surgeries, a cancerous tumor removal, treatment for acute pancreatitis, and ear infections. Top-notch support each and every time–for both me and our dogs. Convenient hours allow for late evening & Saturday appointments. I called the after-hours emergency number early one Sunday morning and received a call back from Dr. Jodi within minutes. I can’t get that from my own physician. I honestly cannot imagine a better veterinary practice. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our Winston and Scarlett. Hugs from all of us.

Nancy B.

Just had a call from the vet that Nellie’s urine analysis results came back “100% perfect”. Kind of weird to be this excited about my cat’s pee, but considering where we were a year ago with her and her health, this is a moment to celebrate! YAY Miss Nellie! Big thanks to the staff at Harmony Animal Hospital for all their help in keeping my fur kids happy and healthy!

Heather B.

Merlin won his championship title in Barn Hunt! He is the fourth dog in the country to achieve this and the first of his breed! If it wasn’t for all the wonderful care you all there give him, from his surgery, general health, and acupuncture….he would not have been able to achieve this great honor!!! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me take care of my little monkey!!

Renee W.

Eve was such a blessing to me and my 15 year old dog Penny during the last 4 months of her life. She provided excellent acupuncture to help keep her mobile and active, and an incredibly compassionate, peaceful home euthanasia when our Penny got too sick to go on any longer. She made the process as painless as possible and gave us plenty of time to be with our baby in the end. I’ve never had a vet like Dr. Eve and I can’t recommend her enough to anyone looking for an empathetic, joyful, and personable vet to take care of their fur baby. Thank you so much Dr. Eve! Oh and of course thank you to all the staff members who made our visits comfortable and helped me get through such an emotional time with my dog. Y’all are the best and I know I’ll be bringing my next dog to you!

Lauren S.

I can’t say enough good things about Harmony. They’ve been our vet for three years, and every experience we’ve had there has been positive. Harmony has exceeded our expectations for our pup’s care in every way, especially when working our girl in during the day when she’s sick and we don’t have an appointment. It’s really clear that these folks care a lot about the pets they treat. I’m happy to recommend this office to everyone in the area!

Mary H.