Veterinary Hospitals

Pet Arthritis: A Brief Guide

Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease (DJD), is a common diagnosis in dogs but also occurs quite frequently in cats. It is more common in senior pets, but can be seen in younger pets, especially if there is a history of injury or joint dysplasia. Osteoarthritis is a term describing a syndrome that leads to continued

Heart Murmurs: To Be Concerned Or Not?

by Dr. Jodi Reed Sometimes, when doing a thorough physical exam on a patient, we hear a heart murmur. Often, informing pet parents we are hearing a murmur elicits fear and concern, so I want to shed some light on the subject to help navigate through the good, the bad and the ugly regarding this

What You Need to Know About an Emergency Vet Clinic

Emergency vet clinics exist to provide what no pet owner wants to think about: urgent, after-hours care during an accident or unexpected illness. Some clinics offer service during nighttime hours only and after their regular staff has gone home, while other clinics (usually the larger ones) have a dedicated emergency room where urgent treatment can