Ambassador Floyd


Floyd came to us as a five week old kitten after being found taking shelter under a client’s car. He was underweight and his paw pads were blistered, likely from trekking across sun-baked pavement. He was only in our care for a couple of weeks before Dr. Jodi decided we would keep him, as the little scamp had purred his way into all of our hearts.

Floyd gets his name from a professional boxer, and one look at his feet will tell you why. His absurdly big mittens are the result of a genetic mutation known as polydactyly. Cats with this condition are also referred to as Hemingway cats, after author Earnest Hemingway took a special fondness to them and lived among several. Ordinarily, cats have a 18 toes; Floyd has one extra toe on each foot, bringing his grand total to 22.

Extra toes come in handy when your number one hospital pastime is to steal food. Floyd will eat anything he can find, including vegetables, but he has a special fondness for carbs. Oblivious to the fact that he is a carnivore, he has been caught stealing bites of staff member’s lunches or running away with an entire bagel in his mouth on numerous occasions, going as far as to chew his way into plastic lunch bags to attain his prize.

Floyd fits into hospital dwelling quite well, and has a special fondness for large dogs twenty times his size with bushy wagging tails for him to pounce on. He loves to play wrestle with Blizzard and apparently went to the Russell school of patient etiquette, as he yowls like a pint-sized bobcat when it comes time for vaccines. His personality and antics keep us smiling during long days, and we think he makes an excellent addition to our team of feline hospital ambassadors, even if we can no longer eat lunch in peace.