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Harmony Pet Care Begins with Good Health

At Harmony, pet care is about more than just curing illness and fighting disease. We also believe in making the life of your pet as happy and healthy as possible, and hopefully longer as well! To accomplish that, we have developed a series of services that focus on your pet’s wellbeing, and include everything from

August 30th, 2014|All Posts, Cats, Dogs, Pet Health|

What You Need to Know About an Emergency Vet Clinic

Emergency vet clinics exist to provide what no pet owner wants to think about: urgent, after-hours care during an accident or unexpected illness. Some clinics offer service during nighttime hours only and after their regular staff has gone home, while other clinics (usually the larger ones) have a dedicated emergency room where urgent treatment can

How to Introduce New Pets Into Your Home

When you’re planning to introduce new pets into your home, there are certain protocols you can follow for best results.It’s never a simple task, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare either. In fact, chances are things will go more smoothly than you expected – but that doesn’t mean  a little prep won’t go a